Introducing People to Jesus

The purpose behind all that we do in all its different facets is that people would be drawn to Jesus and would come to know Him.   The example that we see in Jesus Himself in His life on this earth is that people from all walks of life were drawn to Him through His teaching, His miracles, and His posture of availability and accessibility.

With Jesus as our model, our philosophy of ministry has been to build relationships with people in the business and professional community without neglecting the real needs of the unprotected in our community as well.

Therefore, the monthly Leadership breakfasts; the community projects; the Reflejo community; the Home Church; our counseling; involvement in our girls’ schools; building relationships with our neighbors; David’s time in the gym; all have at their heart the passion to see people come to Christ and experience transformation in their lives, their families, their relationships and their experience with their Creator.

IEC David y Sergio

To meet some of the people we have introduced to Jesus and learn about how it happens in Ensenada, read the related blog posts.

IEC Ana y Karen


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