Facilitating Development and Service Projects

casa de bello home construction project ensenada mexico

One of the ways that we can express our faith and follow Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbor, is to help those in need.   For this reason one of our core values is to give the people we meet with, and those who have chosen to follow Jesus, abundant opportunities to put into practice His example of loving and serving others.

Through our Home Church, the Reflejo Familia, and committed partners both here and abroad, we seek to meet real needs in our community.  Our desire is to serve together with others, thus building unity and giving testimony of the Body of Christ in action.  Whatever the project or sector of our community that is being served, it is all done with the purpose of sharing God’s love with people in need in the name and spirit of Jesus.

In addition to past and ongoing projects, we are aware of many current needs that could be addressed with the collaboration and resources of local and international assistance.  If you or someone you know (individuals or teams) are interested in receiving information about ways to be involved in meeting these needs in the Ensenada community, please contact us through the information provided on the Home Page of this website.

IEC Casa de Paty

Past and Ongoing Projects:

  • Collaborating with Terra Nova church from Irvine, CA at Casa de la Esperanza, a home for abused women and their children; and at Monte de Zion Church

    The story of Jesus calming the storm

    VBS with the kids at Casa de la Esperanza

  • Partnering with Colegio Ticalli (a local elementary school that our girls attended) to collect and deliver Christmas gifts to Casa de Paz, a home for abandoned and abused childrenJessi & Carmen
  • Working together with Yugo Ministries and local churches to build a home for a blind Pastor and his wife

    David and Guillermina Bello excited about their new home

    David and Guillermina Bello excited about their new home

  • Coordinating with Yugo Ministries and The Bridge Bible Church from Bakersfield, CA to build a home for Roberto, a disabled, single Dad with three kids

    Juan from EOC with Roberto and his kids in their original home

    Juan from EOC with Roberto and his kids in their original home

  • Supporting teams and churches from the U.S. to build and furnish a home for Bianca, a single Mom with four children

    Dina from our Home Church, the construction coordinator and Bianca

    Dina from our Home Church, the construction coordinator, and Bianca

  • Supporting a team of local friends as they serve meals to the homeless in the arroyo each week

    Wednesday outreach at the "arroyo"

    Wednesday outreach at the “arroyo”

  • Collaborating with local and international health professionals in organizing and facilitating medical and dental clinics in marginalized communities
  • Partnering with the Bridge Bible Church to do a weekend “Extreme Makeover” on the home of a single mother from our Home Church with limited resources who has a son and a special needs daughter
  • Supporting a local, public elementary school with school supplies, graduation gifts, and repairs and improvements on the facilities
  • Organizing Juguetones to collect and distribute toys and school supplies to children in marginalized communities
  • Collecting food and clothes for needy families and ministries

Current Needs:  

  • Coordinating major repairs for a single mother with limited resources who cares for her ailing mother and disabled sister
  • Completing repairs on the “Extreme Makeover” house.  They also desperately need a dependable used vehicle.
  • Building a bathroom for Roberto and his kids, as well as finishing the electrical connections
  • Providing equipment for the Body Shop business that Roberto uses to support his family
  • Building a bathroom for a family on a very limited income who serve the community through their local church
  • Seeking resources to provide shelter for a single mother in extreme poverty and her adult schizophrenic son
  • Office supplies and equipment for the Family Crisis Center (CAME) as well as additional repairs and improvements on the facilities

To learn more about the development and service projects we are involved in, read the related blog posts.

Service Project is a Dream come True


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