Encouraging Leaders



Jesus gives us not only a model for servant leadership, but also the example of developing strong and devoted leaders.  Therefore a considerable portion of our time and resources are dedicated to encouraging our local leaders from all areas of influence: government, education, the arts and media, sports, the faith community, health professionals, business, non-profits, and leaders within families and neighborhoods.

Through building relationships with and supporting these leaders in their callings and passions we build unity, promote growth, and encourage change throughout our community and beyond.  Our commitment to support leaders comes from the conviction that as leaders develop of relationship with Jesus and makes choices and decisions grounded in His principles, our society will experience transformation.  Likewise, when these individuals and groups unite with other like-minded leaders, God’s Kingdom will be visible and tangible. Desayuno Lideres-12

The monthly Ensenada Leadership Breakfast (ELB) provides an excellent format to facilitate this vision. Bringing leaders together from these diverse areas of work and service to share a meal and a time of relaxed interaction, fosters new relationships and the opportunity to discover previously unknown activities and residents of our city.  Each gathering includes a time of prayer for our city with its unique needs and challenges as well as speakers who share about how their faith impacts their leadership.

David translating for a CA State Assemblywoman and a state government official from Baja California

David translating for a CA State Assembly woman, who spoke at the Ensenada Leadership Breakfast,  and a state government official from Baja California

Furthermore, with a select group of leaders in our community, we have the privilege of investing even more time to develop them in the path of leadership Jesus modeled during His time on earth. We support these friends in their work and callings by coming alongside them as partners and collaborators on a regular basis.  Likewise, many of these mentor/discipleship relationships now form the foundation of  the work we do in all the other areas of service in our community.

To see firsthand what God is doing through the committed team that organizes and hosts the Ensenada Leadership Breakfast (and in the future a City Prayer Breakfast), plan to be in Ensenada the first Thursday of any month.  We would love to have you join us!

The ELB team, friends and partners

The ELB team, friends and partners

To Learn more about our ministry to leaders in Ensenada and the monthly leadership breakfasts, read the related blog posts.


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