Counseling those in need

Both David and Karen are trained in counseling, Karen with a degree in psychology and David through training with Focus on the Family’s counseling program as well as seminars with Larry Crabb, Dan Allender and others.  This training and subsequent experience has provided an opportunity to provide help, encouragement, orientation, and hope to those struggling with some of life’s most distressing and challenging situations.

Beginning as volunteers with the government social service office (DIF) in 1994, God opened the door to serve those in need as well as collaborate with leaders in public service.   During that same era a new family crisis center (Centro de Apoyo a la Mujer Ensenadense—C.A.M.E.) was opened by the First Lady of Ensenada and the DIF Director at the time as a non-profit.  David and Karen were invited to form part of the counseling team there and have been seeing patients one day a week ever since to support the Center; David uninterrupted all these years and Karen as she has been able with the responsibilities of the home and family.  In addition to counseling David was President of the organization in 2000 and 2001 and is currently the Public Relations Director.

In addition both David and Karen see patients on a regular basis outside of CAME often using a local coffee shop as their “office”.  Many people from the Home Church as well as people they meet through their other activities need help or guidance for a current crisis or to seek healing and freedom from long time struggles and burdens.  The greatest joy comes from being able to share about God and His principles with many of these individuals and couples who are in the process of counseling. 

To learn more about the Counseling we do, please read the related blog posts.


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