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9 Mar

This cryptic phrase was my password as I poured over used car websites the past few months.  It represented the conviction that our Heavenly Father would provide the vehicle we needed after almost three years of breakdowns, repairs and complications with our mini-van.

Even though we had faith in God, the reality of web searches, phone calls, and trips to San Diego to see cars began to overwhelm and discourage us.  Ministry commitments loomed on the horizon too making the purchase of a new-to-us mode of transportation an immediate necessity.

Knowing that many people had generously donated to this cause made us keenly aware that we also needed to be good stewards of what they had entrusted to the ministry.  I kept looking for a sign that one of the hundreds of cars would be God’s Car for NCF (like a specific message on one of the license plates!)

On the last day we had to look, at the last dealership that we had time to visit, in the pouring rain, there it was–our sign!


David and I were married in 1993 and my first initial is K.  Not quite as obvious, but right under our “sign” is the notation on the color of the car.  If anyone knows David they know he has two favorite flavors of ice cream–Cherry Garcia by Ben and Jerry’s, and Black Cherry.  Can you see it, under 2012 Mazda CX-7?  The color of our car is Black Cherry!

After the test drive, negotiations, phone calls to the Board, and last minute fund raising efforts, we decided that this was indeed God’s car for us.  And to give us one more sign–after all the paperwork was signed and the costs tallied, the total came to EXACTLY the amount we had pledged–to the penny!!

So here it is, GodsCr4NCF–the Cherry Garcia mobile.



Hitting the New Year running!

16 Jan

2014 Blue bulbs


We’re already half way through January!!  At this rate we’ll be saying “Feliz Navidad” again before we know it!!

In just the first 16 days of this New Year we have seen God’s blessing and favor in the following ways:

  • Two meetings with the Home Church leadership to work on plans for this year
  • An all church work day on the home where we have been meeting since June 2013
  • A conference call Board Meeting with our NCF Board
  • A meeting with two members of the Global Outreach team from Terra Nova Church to discuss plans and ideas for a greater partnership during 2014
  • A meeting with the Ensenada Leadership Breakfast team working on plans for this year’s breakfasts and VERY exciting plans for 2015!! (Stay tuned!!)
  • Invitations to the Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast (January 23, 2014) and the Salinas Mayor’s Luncheon for the Faith Community (March 19, 2014)
  • Confirmation of two interns from Washington, D.C. who will be in our home and community March 4-21, 2014
  • Two weeks of counseling and seeing God healing lives
  • The first gathering of the year with those in the Bible study group we have been meeting with for 17 years

To say we are excited and motivated would be an understatement!  But we know that only with God’s power and provision will anything be accomplished long-term.

We invite you to be involved with us as we begin a new year and a new season on this “God inspired adventure!”  Keep checking this site, our Facebook page and send us your email if you would like to receive regular email updates.  And, if you have the opportunity for a visit, you are always Bienvenido.

photo update : a new member of our family

31 Oct

This month, we welcomed a new member to our family…

Jessica has wanted a dog for a long time, and now she has Reha.

Travelling Mercies

20 Jul

A tribute to God's protection

For those of you who have followed our blog recently, you know that tires have been a recurring theme in the past months.  Through it all we had four flat tires and replaced two of them, but had never had a blow out…until the first day of our stateside visit.

I was driving in the carpool lane on the I-5 just past my old stomping grounds of Mission Viejo when I thought I was hearing the engine of a semi-truck to my right.  When the noise became more intense and the car lurched suddenly, it occurred to me that we had blown a tire.  David intervened and helped me maneuver the car all the way to the far right shoulder in a matter of seconds.  It truly felt like God had parted the Red Sea as there were no cars to contend with as we merged right.  We limped it along about a half mile until we safely exited at El Toro Road.

We called good ‘ol AAA (worth ever penny of the yearly fee!) and they sent a roadside angel named Israel who spoke to us in Spanish!  He towed us just around the block to a Firestone dealer who gave us prompt and caring service–even comforting Jessica who was a little shook up from the incident.

A little beat up, but ready to hit the road again

We were able to continue on the same rim so we just had to purchase a new tire.   Fortunately that was the only thing that was a little worse for wear.  We were all safe, grateful for God’s protection for us and the others on the road, and ready to continue on with only a slight delay.

I can tell you one thing,  I will never look at remnants of tires on the roadways the same again.  Surely every piece of shredded rubber is accompanied by its own story.  Well, this is ours and it’s our tribute to God’s travelling mercies.

Excited about ReTire-ing

5 Jul

Don’t worry, we haven’t applied for Social Security or AARP, nor have we scheduled any extended hours on the golf course. Rather we are talking about the wheels on our car, llantas, tires.

As of this afternoon we have had four flat tires in the past three weeks or so.  Obviously this has involved temporary inconveniences.  But even in the midst of becoming Clientes Distinguidos at our local Llantera, these recent tire sagas have had God’s fingerprints all over them.

A few examples:

  • Two times people have seen the flat tires while our car was parked in front of our house.  Once David was able to make it to the llantera; the other time the 24-hr on call service made a “house call.”
  • Not once have we been stranded by the side of the road–and that includes a trip to the U.S. yesterday when we drove back to Ensenada late at night.
  • Fixing the first flat drew our attention to the fact that we needed new front tires.

Jumping off this last point, the best part of our recent ReTire-ing odyssey is how God gave us new front tires for $100.00 pesos (about $9.00 dollars.)   Knowing we needed new tires led us to discuss how we were going to pay for those tires.  While cleaning up the back patio we found a tire that we had stored back there after Karen had a close encounter with a curb when the tire was brand new.  To be safe we had bought another tire and put that one away.  David decided to take it to the Llantero and see if he thought we could use it.  The answer was affirmative.  He diagnosed it as superficial damage and said we were good to go.  Knowing we needed another tire to make the pair, David asked about the spare that had never been used.  It matched and we had our “new” front tires and one of the old ones was good enough to become the spare, all for $100 pesos.

This is just one of the stories of how God has provided for our needs recently.  Stay tuned for more.

Feliz Aniversario #17

20 Sep

On a sunny Saturday in September seventeen years ago a young woman from California and a young man from Tijuana promised before hundreds of friends and family to unite their lives for as long as they live.
This past weekend we took a little time away from the work and the routine to go to a spot on the ocean and relax and reflect on all the blessings God has brought us through these years.
Thank you also to all our friends and family who were there with us on that special day and also to all of you who have supported us in our lives, our family and our work throughout these years. We celebrate with all of you.

Sister Love

3 Aug

At the Benning Music Academy first anniversary concert after each student played their piece the Director handed them a white rose that he took from a huge bouquet at center stage. As our youngest daughter watched each participant receive their flower, a plan formed in her heart. When her sister’s turn approached she asked us if she could be the one to give her the rose.

So timing it just perfectly, as the applause erupted with the last sweep of the bow, our little girl left her seat and arrived just as the Director took the rose from the bunch. Seeing her outstretched hands, Tito passed her the rose and with a hug of affection and admiration she presented it to her big sister.
I will be forever grateful for the expertise of the photographer who captured this moment in time. My grandmother never experienced it, my mother never had it, and neither did I. But my daughters have this gift–it’s “Sister Love.”
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