GUEST POST | Jon Hess on Four Weeks spent with David & Karen in Ensenada

25 Mar

I just finished another wonderful and profitable visit with David and Karen (D&K) and their friends. I spent four weeks with them… about three weeks longer than ever before. I won’t try to recap all that I was exposed to or go into much detail. But I must say, it was a tremendous time from my perspective.

John (top-left) with David, Danny, Sergio and other friends in Ensenada

John (top-left) with David, Danny, Sergio and other friends in Ensenada

A few things stand out:

As usual D&K evidence an uncanny ability and availability to be deeply, intimately involved in the lives of many. This involvement ranges from helping others manage extreme personal crisis to practical care and service (free taxi, financial help, child care, hosting in their home) to teaching and discipleship to regular weekly counseling sessions to organizing regular gatherings such as the Ensenada Leadership Breakfast.

Some rather dramatic and miraculous things have been happening in people’s lives…in at least one marriage and in at least three individuals that come to mind.

The leadership team that includes Paty Alvarado and Danny and Lucy Meza is working well and overseeing the home church activities. In order to serve with the two groups of young kids and youth every Sunday, Paty and Karen sacrifice participating with the adults and sitting in on the teachings.

As it relates to my involvement, it amazes me how freely D&K continue to share their friends with me, in a way that I have never experienced anywhere else. During the almost twenty years that I have been partnering with D&K, God has done amazing things in many people’s lives and in the city of Ensenada.
And we believe the best is still to come.

Jon Hess
Board Member
National Christian Fellowship

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