Travelling Mercies

20 Jul

A tribute to God's protection

For those of you who have followed our blog recently, you know that tires have been a recurring theme in the past months.  Through it all we had four flat tires and replaced two of them, but had never had a blow out…until the first day of our stateside visit.

I was driving in the carpool lane on the I-5 just past my old stomping grounds of Mission Viejo when I thought I was hearing the engine of a semi-truck to my right.  When the noise became more intense and the car lurched suddenly, it occurred to me that we had blown a tire.  David intervened and helped me maneuver the car all the way to the far right shoulder in a matter of seconds.  It truly felt like God had parted the Red Sea as there were no cars to contend with as we merged right.  We limped it along about a half mile until we safely exited at El Toro Road.

We called good ‘ol AAA (worth ever penny of the yearly fee!) and they sent a roadside angel named Israel who spoke to us in Spanish!  He towed us just around the block to a Firestone dealer who gave us prompt and caring service–even comforting Jessica who was a little shook up from the incident.

A little beat up, but ready to hit the road again

We were able to continue on the same rim so we just had to purchase a new tire.   Fortunately that was the only thing that was a little worse for wear.  We were all safe, grateful for God’s protection for us and the others on the road, and ready to continue on with only a slight delay.

I can tell you one thing,  I will never look at remnants of tires on the roadways the same again.  Surely every piece of shredded rubber is accompanied by its own story.  Well, this is ours and it’s our tribute to God’s travelling mercies.


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