Mother’s Day at Casa de Esperanza

17 May

The Terra Nova group gave each mom a beautiful and bountiful gift bag

For women who have fled with their children from violent home situations, Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet holiday. Separated from friends and family and living in a remote shelter setting, these moms can feel like they have little to celebrate.

Precisely for that reason, the families of Terra Nova church in Irvine, CA chose Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate the positive choices these mothers have made in providing a safe and nurturing environment for their splintered families. During the hours they spent at Casa de Esperanza, the group worked in teams doing construction projects on the facilities; games, crafts and stories with the kids; and varied activities with the moms.

The story of Jesus calming the storm (Geneva translating behind)

The women loved being pampered with haircuts and flat iron styling.  There was also a pizza fest celebrating a birthday from the home and one from the group, complete with lots of cakes, cookies and soda too!  Both the kids and the moms made crafts that were not only beautiful but meaningful as they reminded them of the truths from God’s Word shared throughout the weekend.

The picture frame craft that holds her family picture

Our family was privileged to be a part of this special weekend, through coordination and translation being able to facilitate the relationships being built between the families from both sides of the border.  Thank you Terra Nova and bless you for making this a Mother’s Day these women and their children will never forget.

These moms modeled their new hair styles as we said our goodbyes


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