Celebrando Pascua

24 Apr

What a joy to share this Easter Sunday with our Home Church!

As we celebrated together the resurrection of Jesus, we could rejoice in many other facets of our lives together that are a reflection of His love and His presence growing in and transforming us.

Laura was one of the first to check out a book from the new library

A dream was fulfilled as on this special day we “inaugurated” our Home Church library.  Made up of a small selection of personal favorites and recent acquisitions, the books were put at the disposition of the members and several excitedly checked out titles according to their personal interests and needs.  Our hope is that this resource will provide aid and encouragement for those in the church as they grow in their faith.

One of our young members is an accomplished, competitive swimmer and this next week will be competing at the National level in the Jr. Olympics in Veracruz, Mexico.  Today David had the privilege to pray for him as he represents his family and his country in this exciting venue.

Praying for Isaac along with his family

Each week Karen shares from the Gospels with the children before they go to their Sunday School class.  Today the portion was from the end Matthew 6 where Jesus exhorts us to live free from worry.  In response to a question from the lesson, one second-grader in the group responded confidently, “With God nothing is impossible!”   He later put the same affirmation on his Easter banner.  The children of our church are such an example of what it means to follow Jesus.

New life, new beginnings, hope and forgiveness–that is what we celebrated today.  In fact, that is what we celebrate every day!

Happy Easter!  Feliz Pascua!!


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