Working Together

25 Jan

Sometimes a spontaneous comment or a seemingly impossible idea turns into a dream come true.   Here in Ensenada many of us are witnessing and participating in just one of those times…

One of our best friends, Dina, who is also our neighbor, our stylist and a member of our home church, became aware of a need around September or October of last year.  An older couple, the husband a blind Pastor, Bible teacher and counselor, had been hoping to build a house on a piece of land they had purchased.  An unfortunate set of circumstances eliminated that possibility, along with their hopes of ever having their own home.

David and Guillermina Bello

Dina shared this couples’ story with me and commented that she would like to see their house get built through the collaboration of as many people as possible who would be willing to give of themselves and their resources to bless someone else.  I immediately pledged my support sensing immediately that this was God’s heart too.

For the past four months our friend has navigated the myriad of details, many times confronting disappointment and apparent dead ends.  She has shared this dream with churches, ministries, friends, family, our Home Church and many have responded.

The truly gratifying part for us is to see so many people in our community coming together to work for a common goal.  Our friends from EOC/Yugo are providing the human and material resources to do the actual building.  A friend from our Home Church who works for the government was able to participate in getting the building permit…for free (something she was told the Mayor couldn’t even do for her!)  A local paint store owner donated some paint.  Many professionals have donated their services for free or at a substantially reduced rate for different aspects of the project.  Students from Dina’s father’s Bible School have worked throughout the process preparing the lot, helping to pour the slab and are now working after their classes on the construction phase.  Others from our Home Church are preparing food for the workers, helping with transportation…and the list goes on.

casa de bello home construction project ensenada mexico

Dina & Karen getting their hands dirty...

Jesus once told His disciples that the world would know that they were His followers by the love they had for one another.  My hope is that this house would not only be the home of a very faithful couple, but also a monument to what can be accomplished when we trust in God and live out His commandment to love one another.

View all the the photos for this project:

> initial meeting at the Bello lot <

early shots of the lot <

pre-building preparations <

day 2’s construction <

> day 3 : siding & windows <


2 Responses to “Working Together”

  1. Andrew Hughes January 26, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    David & Karen – this is great work for you to be involved in, collaborating with many to get this house built… the best work is always when you know the Lord is part of it, or as you say”God’s heart” is in it! And the wise Solomon agrees too… “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain…” Psalm 127

    • David & Karen Garcia January 26, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

      That is a verse that God gave Dina and I at the beginning of this project, especially when there were so many roadblocks that made it appear like it could never happen. But we have believed and now we are seeing!

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