Divine Networking

27 Dec

All of us know how strategic networking can be.  The fact that we can connect through the marvelous tool of Facebook is thanks to this new phenomenon called Social Networking.

This past Wednesday were reminded of how masterfully God has linked lives together in a way that continues to bless and touch many.  Years ago in a little town east of us called El Por Venir, a young teacher had our friends’ son in her class.  Our friends, Shaun and Maria, became friends with Alma Iris and began to share their faith journey with her.  They eventually invited her to a retreat that we had invited them to a few years prior.  At that retreat she met the man that is now her husband and last year she invited her parents to the same retreat.

In that weekend,  Alma Iris’ parents were touched by God and moved to begin a ministry feeding the homeless that gather at the riverbed (arroyo) that runs through the center of our city.  Since February, every Wednesday they feed between 100-120 men and women, assisted and supported by friends and members of their church who have joined them in this effort.

Wednesday outreach at the "arroyo"

Then this year, at the same retreat, Hector and Alma Rosa were asked to share what God has done during this past year. One man and his wife from Santa Barbara (invited for the first time by their neighbors and our good friends, Jason and Christie Tarman) heard them and saw the DVD they showed at the retreat and shared with us that they wanted to do something to help.  They already have a relationship with a pastor and his wife in the area that they help and support, but wanted to contribute to this need as well.

So this past Wednesday, Bob and his father came down to Ensenada.  David joined them as they delivered toys and clothes to the church they support.  Then David, Bob, his father, Josafat (the pastor), and his wife, Verónica, went together to the arroyo to serve alongside Hector, Alma Rosa and their team (one of the couples being friends of ours since our single days.)   Under light showers they helped serve the lunch and then with Alma Rosa’s guidance distributed blankets, sweatshirts and jackets they had brought down to the dozens of people gathered there.

Josafat, Veronica, Robert, Bob, David, Orlando, Vevis, Alma Rosa and Hector serving together this past Wednesday through "Divine Networking"

Now our local network is enlarged and we can join forces to continue to serve our community more effectively together.   And we thank God for this history that links all of our lives together.

In the spirit of Facebook–I “like” this!


2 Responses to “Divine Networking”

  1. Andrew Hughes December 27, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    David & Karen – this is very encouraging to hear – thank you for sharing… it is great to see how powerful it is when people gather and a story is told and a testimony given to inspire (or for the Holy Spirit to nudge) a person to act and be involved with the work that is taking place in Ensenada. May your new blog and Facebook page be a virtual gathering place that can also inspire & nudge.

  2. Rhonda Reeves December 28, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    It never stops to amaze me how God can work his hand into the simplest things! I mean blankets really, we have a ton and I can surely supply that. So happy to hear that God is still bringing people and stories together in Mexico and in America!Our Love to you all!! Happy New Year! Rhonda

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