A Turkey Imitates Loaves and Fishes

24 Dec

This may appear to be your average, run of the mill, Safeway brand turkey, but we believe there was something miraculous about this bird.

We agreed to provide turkey for our Home Church Christmas lunch after the service this past Sunday and David purchased the biggest one he could find when he went to San Diego the week before.  The tag said it weighed between 20-24 pounds, but even as I was slathering it with cooking oil, covering it with spices and slipping it into the roasting bag; I voiced my doubts to David.  Do you think this is going to be enough to feed everyone?  His exact response was: “Dios lo va a multiplicar.  No te preocupes, amor, vas a ver.”  Oh…that means—“God will multiply it.  Don’t worry, love, you’ll see.”

We had a wonderful gathering.  David shared about unity among believers and we shared communion together.  Then came the time to mash the potatoes, heat up the gravy and carve the turkey.  The meat fell off the bones and David filled up one platter, then another, then another and one more besides as hungry members observed.

We set up the buffet and adults and children alike began filling up their plates.  Some went back for seconds, others for thirds.  Two families arrived later and ate their fill.

I left the extras behind for the hosts and took the bones home to make soup.

Yesterday we had the turkey soup and invited two of the church families to eat with us and learn the recipe.  We began to marvel at this incredible, bountiful turkey and decided to finally take a head count.  33 people had eaten their fill of turkey the day before.  Eleven had turkey soup…and there is still leftover soup for the days ahead.  Maybe not twelve baskets full, but is it just me, or does this story sound a bit familiar?????


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