Leadership Breakfasts… meet Claudia

13 Dec

This is Claudia Agatón.  She has been attending our Leadership Breakfasts the first Thursday of every month.  We were able to pray for her in July three days before the local elections.  She was running for a state congressional seat representing a small political party…and she won!

Claudia Agatón

In this photo she testified before the leaders attending the September breakfast how much the pre-election prayer had strengthened her.  By the time the date for the elections neared, Claudia shared that she was exhausted from the campaign process and was feeling unsure that she could go on.  After the prayer she explained that she was filled with peace and her resolve was renewed.  She said that day she asked the Lord that His will be done and that if she was favored by Him to fill that role, that she would do the best job she could.

Claudia invited us to participate in her swearing in ceremony in October.  Here she is seated next to the Federal Congressman (left) who attended this unprecedented event—the first time a person from her party has been selected to hold this office.

Claudia with the Federal Congressman

Claudia’s new duties, prevented her from attending the November Leadership Breakfast, but she sent a greeting and asked that we continue to pray for her and thanking us for all the support.

When you remember her, please pray for Claudia and the tremendous responsibility that she now carries on her young shoulders and that she would continue to look to the Lord and to other believers for strength and support.


One Response to “Leadership Breakfasts… meet Claudia”

  1. J Steele December 15, 2010 at 5:30 am #

    Go Claudia! Thanks for sharing this. Hope and pray she makes a difference for the people she represents there.

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