A Home Church Family serving the Community

1 Oct

Juan Carlos and Laura have been friends for many years, even attending the same church at one point. Because of Juan Carlos’ career as an executive with Mexico’s largest privately held corporation, they moved frequently, but each time they came back to Ensenada we would reconnect. Laura is a psychologist and has been a tremendous support to our work with the CAME crisis center.

This past February we “happened” to be at a CAME gathering at their home when Juan Carlos informed us that he had resigned his position that very day. Laura was even surprised! That evening when everyone else had left, we listened to their story and also shared with them what God has been doing in our lives and in our faith journey and told them about the Home Church. The next morning they called and asked if they could attend, and ever since then they have become part of our church family along with their 22-year-old son, Gabriel, who is also a psychologist. (At far left in the picture is Manuel, their oldest, who lives and works in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.)

Laura is also recently retired after 30 years of working as a school psychologist. But don’t picture them in rocking chairs somewhere! In May they cut the ribbon and officially opened their own counseling center called Desarrollo Personal (Personal Development) serving the Ensenada community with professional and value-centered therapy and support.
But they did not stop there. While promoting the Center’s services they connected with a local children’s home (sometimes known as an orphanage) that has 11 special need youth transferred from a psychiatric facility. So for the past few months this family and others on their staff have been developing and implementing a program for these young people, training them in basic motor, cognitive and interpersonal skills.
God has also given them the grand vision to assist the children’s home in becoming self-sustaining and in the process they have been inviting other friends and colleagues to partner with them in this project. It has been an incredible set of events that has us in awe of our awesome God!
As members of our Home Church it has been our privilege to support them spiritually as well as participate in this exciting new phase of their lives and life work. Leaders loving and serving God as they love and serve the community—That’s the fruit we trust that God will continue to develop here in Ensenada.


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