Two Friends…Two Funerals

11 Sep

One had just turned 70 in July and the other was 47. Both were family men. Both loved Jesus and served Him in their lives and work. One on Sunday and the other on Thursday, both men passed from this life to the next in a matter of minutes.

Both of their funerals were packed with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, and members of the larger faith community. In both of the services it was mentioned that these men had always hoped to see their churches full, and for their funerals–they were.
For us it was a time to remember these men, support their families and to communicate the news to others who know them but are far away. On these two occasions we also saw many people whom we had not spent time with for many years, in some cases for decades.
These experiences have reminded us: that life is very short, especially compared to eternity; that “man knows not his time”; and the time to prepare for eternity is now. Likewise, it’s better to reconnect with friends and family in any way you can outside of a funeral. So reconnect with someone today who is in your heart and has been on your mind.

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