Rest in Peace Ventura Delgado 1940-2010

11 Sep

Jose Buenaventura Delgado was the caretaker of Rancho Agua Viva and his wife, Isabel, (in front of casket) was the cook when I arrived in Mexico 24 years ago this past June. They promptly “adopted” me along with my co-workers Shaun, Diana, Darice and JoJo. We became their “gringo” children and they have loved us and cared for us ever since, asking about and always sending their greetings to those who now live far away.

One of my favorite memories of Ventura is that every morning during the summer months when he would go to town to buy groceries for his wife to make the food for the visiting groups, he would buy me a big, ripe, juicy mango. He knew I loved them and also that often times I didn’t have time to sit down for a big meal , but I always had time to eat a mango. It was his way of showing me his love and affection. From the beginning I called them “mama’ y papa’ ” as they have been my mexican parents.
This past Sunday Ventura and Isabel were doing what they did every week, driving around the neighborhood to pick up members of their congregation to take them to church. But this time the brakes went out on the car and to avoid a more tragic situation, Ventura crashed the car into a wall. Their injuries were not life threatening, but required hospitalization. However, as they were being treated Ventura had a heart attack and was gone almost instantly.
All of their children and many of their grandchildren and great grandchildren attended the services for Ventura. (In the picture the children appear from L-R: Rommel, Ruben, Juan, Maria, Rufino and Dalia.) It was truly a family reunion–but likely nothing compared to the one Ventura had when he arrived at his heavenly home almost one week ago.
We miss you, Papa’. You are gone, but not forgotten.


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