service project – building a home for the Bello’s

31 Aug

We met Dina when she was about 12 years old (she was younger than our teenage daughters who are best friends now).  Over the years our lives have stayed connected.   Now we are neighbors, she and her family attend our Home Church, and we are working together on a special project.  She has the vision and desire to coordinate a house building project for a couple who is in ministry.  If you have Facebook, you can follow the project on “Casa para los Bello.”  I will be translating on the site so that you can follow the progress being made.  Please pray—it’s a big challenge.

Karen, and Dina—center—with Guillermina, at the lot for her and her husband, David Bello

Our teenage daughter joined with 40 other local youth to participate in a historic project this month.  A Youth Camp, hosted by our friends at the Ensenada Outreach Center (Yugo Ministries) provided the setting for these young people to build two houses for needy families.  Normally these houses are built by foreigners, but this was one of the first times that locals, and youth, were the catalysts to fill such a vital need.

Geneva & friends building two homes south of Ensenada

Leaders loving and serving God as they love and serve the community—that is a dream come true what your gifts and prayers are supporting.


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