Sister Love

3 Aug

At the Benning Music Academy first anniversary concert after each student played their piece the Director handed them a white rose that he took from a huge bouquet at center stage. As our youngest daughter watched each participant receive their flower, a plan formed in her heart. When her sister’s turn approached she asked us if she could be the one to give her the rose.

So timing it just perfectly, as the applause erupted with the last sweep of the bow, our little girl left her seat and arrived just as the Director took the rose from the bunch. Seeing her outstretched hands, Tito passed her the rose and with a hug of affection and admiration she presented it to her big sister.
I will be forever grateful for the expertise of the photographer who captured this moment in time. My grandmother never experienced it, my mother never had it, and neither did I. But my daughters have this gift–it’s “Sister Love.”

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