Summer B&B Retreat

15 Jul

This July only six women could attend our annual Bakersfield & Baja women’s retreat in the beautiful mountains of Hart Flat, east of Bakersfield…and I was the only one from Mexico. Although we missed our Mexican amigas, we had a wonderful, relaxing, refreshing and rich time together.

Lorraine was our hostess and meal planner extraordinaire (lower right). Christie (lower center) led us in Lexio Divina where we listen to God’s voice through His Word. Hope (lower left) our nature expert opened up God’s creation to us. Jo (upper right) taught us extensively about God’s grace. Barb (upper left) was the newcomer (but long time friend of Jo and Lorraine) who trusted us with her heart and wowed us with her creativity. And the person at upper center–that’s me!! I shared about Freedom in Jesus and led the group in our first retreat craft–collages that represent our lives. Every collage was meaningful and unique–just like their designers.
Next gathering–February 2011 in Ensenada

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