Gym Encounters

9 Aug

For as long as I’ve known David (that is for over 20 years now!) he has loved to run and to go to the gym. Every morning he gets up around 5 a.m. and is at the gym by 6. Besides the satisfaction of the physical discipline and the health benefits, in the last year there has been an added bonus to this daily routine–he has developed some significant relationships with a few guys there.

Now besides seeing each other early each morning, several of them have gone out to breakfast various times where they have been able to touch on deeper topics that involve their jobs, their families, their worries and concerns and also spiritual themes. One man especially at these meals always asks David to share something. This week it was his illustration of the “tres circulos”, (three circles, as he refers to it), that creatively illustrates our three-part reality as human beings–body, soul and spirit.

In response to David’s words, this man assured him that he has been contemplating this very reality lately, especially after a freak bicycle accident resulted in hospitalization and emergency surgery, and one of his close friends and business associates was murdered recently in Tijuana. One never knows when the seeds we sow will fall on fertile soil.

Please pray for David and for these teachable moments and softened hearts at the local gym.


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