Service Project is a Dream come True

30 Jun

As we reflected on the completion of our project after 14 hours of work, we were amazed on all that was accomplished, on the wonderful group of friends that had come alongside us to share the load, and on the realization that this was truly a dream come true.

The name CAME is likely familiar to most of you. It is the initials for the family crisis center where we volunteer doing counseling and helping with the fund raising. It means Center for the Support of Ensenada Women, but truly everyone, men, women, children and teenagers, receive help for their problems and needs there.

Giving the Center a face lift through cleaning, painting, pulling weeds and planting flowers, was definitely part of the satisfaction we felt. But it was the community that came alongside that caused us to reflect on everything God has been doing to answer our prayers and accomplish His purposes.

One of the desires that we shared as we began working with leaders in the Ensenada community years ago was that as they give their lives to follow Jesus, He would give them a heart for the things that touch the heart of God—namely the poor and needy–and that they would commit to investing their time, talents and resources to loving those neighbors. We saw this in action that day.

Another joy was to see the body of Christ join together to serve in a practical way in His name. Whole families worked together side by side. The ages of the volunteers spanned from seven to 72! Representatives from seven Reflejo families were present and two even came from north of the border. One of Karen’s patients at the center took her grandkids and worked alongside the rest of us all day as well.

The same group of people met together the following day in a local picnic spot for our monthly gathering with Reflejo for a time of fellowship and fun as families. One family came for the first time. We are so grateful to God for our family here.

photos by Daniel Meza


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