Believing is Seeing!

28 Mar

Jesus instructs us in Matthew 7:7 to “ask and it will be given to you.” I think for most of us we think that is a good idea, and we wish it would work, but we’re either afraid that it won’t work or we really don’t believe it could be true.

Over the past several months our ministry partners have been asking God for a dependable, used car. They asked us to join them in asking. And along the way, we posted it as one of the “opportunities” on this blog as a way of inviting you to “ask” for them too.

Well, God matched us and upped us one in the process! Our friends had a limited amount to spend–if they sold their current vehicle. Ideally they wanted a Toyota. Realistically they thought it would have to be an older model (1993 or so) given their budget. The night before the customer for the old car was scheduled to pick it up, some partners in Bakersfield informed us they had a vehicle available, and they would accept the amount our friends had to offer–a 2003 Toyota Camry!!

The car is now here in Ensenada, and yet our friends are still saying: “I can’t believe it!” I would say that as you look at their smiling faces by their new car that “seeing is believing.” But I think what God wants to remind us is with Him, “believing is seeing!”


One Response to “Believing is Seeing!”

  1. J Steele April 1, 2009 at 3:03 pm #

    Thanks the news! That’s great! Yea God!

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