God’s Networking

15 Feb
Together with our ministry partners we have been praying for God’s direction regarding how to more effectively offer help and healing to the needy in our city and beyond. During the first few weeks of this year there have been some great connections both with others who serve here and with like-minded friends from the U.S.

A group of seven came recently and spent a day with us considering some options for serving in Ensenada. Two of the guys are long time friends from our Agua Viva days who are part of our Reflejo community and attend Mount Hermon with us. They were shown a project that touched their hearts and they shared it with friends, who shared it with friends who decided to accompany them on a recognisance trip.

God did some incredible networking that day and we all marveled at how He is moving to accomplish His purposes here and in the world. Following this post we will add an article that we were sent from 0ne of the guys on the trip. It is one of the best pieces we have ever read about helping the needy.

At this point there are plans to start coordinating efforts between these state side friends and some Reflejo friends and their church to provide food, friendship and encouragement to a Women’s Shelter south of Ensenada called Casa Esperanza.

The most exciting part about all of this is that Jesus told us that the world will know that we are His disciples if we have love for one another. This endeavor is the result of being united in our love for Jesus and the desire to love our neighbor. Our prayer is that in the process others will come to know this Jesus we seek to follow. Please pray with us for that.


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