Ensenada Women do B&B in Bakersfield

19 Jul

Bed and Breakfast, Babes and Broads, Baja and Bakersfield, have all been possible translations of the acronym B&B used to refer to an annual women’s retreat. But whatever you call it the 4th annual gathering of women from Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and Ensenada was an incredible time of fellowship, sharing and teaching focused on friendship…friendship with God, friendship with ourselves and friendship with one another.

Eight women from Ensenada braved the endless miles and the intense heat leaving behind families, jobs and other responsibilities to join with our friends for spiritual rest and refreshment. We were not disappointed. From the first night God spoke to us directly from His Word in Jeremiah chapter 31. Then the next two days our dear friend and spiritual mentor, Jo, not only led us in a study focusing on the theme, but also was instrumental in bringing times of healing through counsel and prayer.

The location for the retreat is in itself a gift and a blessing. Being in the home of our dear friends and partners, Rick and Lorraine, is in physically, emotionally and spiritually refreshing. Two log homes, nestled along a stream and surrounded by lush vegetation provides an atomosphere of peace and tranquility. The first afternoon we even spotted deer! It also helps that the higher elevation and mountainous surroundings represent lower temperatures than the valley a few miles below!

Whether we take a hike around the area, share a meal together, rest in the natural surroundings, join together for times of singing, sharing and teaching, the annual B & B retreat is a time of refreshment for body, soul and spirit.


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