Twenty Years and Counting…

10 Jul

Over 20 years ago we met a young girl. She was the daughter of a local pastor with whom who worked during our years serving with Agua Viva.

Fast forward several years….The pastor’s daughter is now married to a bright, successful, athletic man—who does not share her depth of faith. At the time they have a baby daughter just five months younger than our oldest girl and we reconnect. We begin to reach out to them, we spend some time together and a few years later our daughters begin attending the same school.

Soon after that we invited them to attend one of our study groups and they accepted. The husband began attending church with his wife and growing in his faith as he learned more about God’s Word and His plan for his life. They began to work on issues in their lives and marriage as well as beginning to train up their children in God’s principles.

Having a burden for members of his family, and other friends, they began a study in their home and asked us to be the leaders. They have participated in all the seminars and retreats that we have organized for people in the community and are active with the faith community here, Reflejo. They also attend the Mount Hermon retreats each year with our contingency. The growth in each of them, as well as in their marriage and family has been dramatic, and although there are many areas where they still struggle, God’s work is evident in their lives.

As part of God’s plan, seven months ago our change of residence brought us to a home right around the corner from this family. (In fact, the wife was our contact with the owner of our house and our friend’s reputation was the only insurance that the owner needed to rent to us on the spot with no contract and no co-signer–an incredible testimony to our friend’s integrity!) Now every Thursday evening we walk to the study. This couple recently shared with us their continued desire for family members, friends and neighbors to receive the teachings that have helped them in their lives. After attending our last retreat, one of his sisters has joined us every week and is being taught from the Bible for the first time! We have encouraged them to pray and wait for God’s timing to invite others. They have introduced us to several people they are praying for and the seeds of relationship are being planted. Please join both of our families in praying that these seeds would find fertile ground and that soon more of our mutual neighbors would come to know our God.

Please pray for us as we are off to Bakersfield for some gatherings with friends and partners as well as the 3rd Annual B&B Women’s Retreat (Bakersfield and Baja) up there.


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