Cross Cultural Fiesta

28 Jan

Two wild and crazy groups of people joined together to eat tacos and show Christ’s love to families and the communities of Ensenada and Tijuana.

Individuals and families from a church in Redding, CA (guided by our friends Shaun and Maria Sheahan and family) invested a week of their lives to shower the love of Jesus on a public school in a forgotten part of Ensenada, a boys’ home in Tijuana and the home of a single mom from Ensenada. They did repairs, played with kids, built a “snack shack” at the school and made a difference in people’s lives through their generosity and kindness.

In our newly rented home, we found that our patio can hold 60+ people eating tacos and mexican sweet bread and hot chocolate. The group from Redding joined with our Reflejo community to share the love and faith in Jesus that we all share. The principal of the rural school and his family also joined us. As you can see, there are no language or cultural barriers when it comes to fiestas!


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