A New Home…A New Area…A New Season

27 Jan

After living for our entire married life in one area of the city, we couldn’t imagine any place else being as beautiful, as peaceful or as pleasant. There was the beach down the street, a brand new shopping center around the corner and the giant warehouse stores within walking distance . Who could ask for more?!

But in October when our landlord told us he was selling the house and gave us two months to move out, we took it as a sign that the Lord wanted us somewhere else. We wanted to be open to His will and prayed that He would show us just where He wanted us, the location that would be most strategic for the work that He has called us to.

We scoured the internet, called realtors, saw countless properties…but nothing seemed right. We were starting to feel the pressure when a month from M-Day (move-out day) we went to see a rental house on the recommendation of a friend. It was located on the other side of town, and even the friend who had recommended it had never actually been in the house, she just knew the owner.

We showed up for the 12:00 appointment and minutes later a lovely women met us there and let us into the house. We liked her immediately. She was very kind, polite and laughed easily. As we walked around the house there was a feeling that we could see ourselves living there. It was well kept up, mexican decor with nice features and the price was even in our budget (most of the properties we had seen were not). We had to make an immediate decision as there was another person interested in the house but the owner assured us it was “first come first serve. “

From then on it was, “Let the games begin….” We called the owner, called the bank, called our friends, called to buy a washer-dryer that would fit in the new space, went out for some tacos–and started moving. From the first vehicles that started loading on Saturday evening at 6 pm until the last load Monday night at 11 pm, it was a tribute to hard work and good friends and we had moved out, moved in and cleaned both places! Setting things up would be another story, but we were officially relocated.

So how do we like it? It’s great! We love living on this side of town. We can get to the girls’ school and the counseling center in five minutes. Most of the people we spend time with and are in our groups live from around the corner to a few miles away. We have hosted more gatherings in the last couple of months than we usually did in a year just because we are accessible. People drop by more, we carpool now, and we have more contact with our neighbors here. Although we miss the beach, if we hike up a hill about five minutes up the road, we have a panoramic view of the entire bay!

We are still hoping that God will provide a long-term housing situation for us (perhaps one that we can purchase). But we know we are where God wants us for now and we are happy to be here!


One Response to “A New Home…A New Area…A New Season”

  1. Andrew & Jessica March 20, 2008 at 5:04 am #

    It was great to see you guys and your beautiful new home this weekend! We’ll continue praying that God will continue to be gracious in bringing you a permanent housing arrangement!

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